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{{Meetings:Vitals| {{Meetings:Vitals|
date=March 10th, 2001 (Saturday)| date=March 10th, 2001 (Saturday)|

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Meeting / 2001 - 03


March 10th, 2001 (Saturday)




LinuxProbe Hall
2-14-15 Akasaka, Plaza Mikado, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[ homepage ] [ map ]

LinuxProbe is an organization working to independently test and certify hardware and software for Linux, providing unbiased information to serve the Linux community.


Inside an Electronic Dictionary

This months topic will be presented by Jim Breen Visiting Professor, at the Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan.

As Jim says.....

In the talk I intend to cover three aspects of what I have been doing with electronic dictionaries and dictionary files over the last few years:

  • how the file(s) are structured, and why
  • how they are indexed and searched. The good bits and the limitations.
  • some of the implementation issues, as the files and techniques have been used on various platforms, both as stand-alone systems and servers.

If anyone is left awake, I'll mention where I'm going with the XML formatted files, and some plans for expanding the WWW server, and finally doing a cross-platform standalone version.


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