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About ME:

Name: Erin D. Hughes

Occupation: Unix "Engineer"

I use that term loosely cause while I do solve problems... they are usually more human than computer.

About Me:

What's my Name?

Seriously my name is Erin...

I look at most problems as not .... something that needs to be fixed, but something that needs to have all sides understand it, meditated, then resolved in a way that works for the benefit of all involved. A mediator or problem solver if you will.

At this point in my life I find this a strange turn from my younger years, where as a Marine I would in the very basic sense of the word, bludgeon most problems to death. I suppose I do still do that, but instead of a real bludgeoning I stick with problems, and twist arms on both sides till they shake hands, and make up.

My current job for example is the last level of support for the 2nd largest ISP in Tokyo. While most of my peers are concerned with the how of most problems...... I am concerned with the what and the why. Hence I am not the ... best guy at my job, but I am usually regarded as one of the best guys on my job. I marry the what the customers need and sales people want with the how that comes with getting it done.

OS: Desktop: Fedora/ubuntu/free bsd Server: Centos/Solaris10

For FUN: Surfing, Rugby, Karate, Photography, Playing with Eric-ku!!

TV WWE and other semi violent nonsense.

Music Rap Punk & of course Heavy Metal!

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